All for Books

All for Books

As participants in the I.B. program, we try to embrace the profiles and attitudes of being PYP scholars in as many ways as possible.  One way that we show caring and empathy is through the All for Books campaign.  Twice a year during the Scholastic Book Fair, we raise money for two very important reasons.  First and foremost, for each dollar that we raise, Scholastic matches the monetary donations we generate, with a donation of up to one million books to two national non-profit organizations dedicated to helping kids and families in need: Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. and the Kids In Need Foundation. This time we raised $526, which means that 526 books will be donated on our behalf.  How awesome is that?  The second reson we raise All for Books money is to add books to our school library and help teachers build and refresh their classroom libraries.  100% of the money raised was used to do exactly that.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  We are very grateful.  You not only helped us but you also helped children in need.  

Now, one thing that helps to drive any fundraising is a little competition.  Our teachers fill out wish lists of books from the fair that they would like to build their classroom libraries, as mentioned above.  The class that raises the most money gets EVERY item from their wish list.  Thanks to some very generous DLHA community members, all teachers will be getting several things from their wish lists.  However, only one class will receive their entire list, as well as a certificate of first place in the Fall All for Books campaign.  Here are the top 3.

3rd Place - This class was very enthusiastic and had great participation amongst the students.  I had to count many pennies and nickels but in the end it all added up to a total of $88.19.  Congratulations to Ms. Scipior, Mr. Behrendt, and the entire 3rd grade class for a job well done.  This was Ms. Scipior's first time with All for Books and she did a fantastic job.

2nd Place - This class has a notorius reputation for leading the All for Books campaign year after year.  Once again they made a very strong showing with a total of $148.  Congratulation to Ms. Schmidt, Ms. Johnson and the entire 2nd grade class for their efforts.

1st Place - It seems that the places have followed the grade numbers this time around.  3rd place to 3rd grade, 2nd place to 2nd grade, and First Place goes to First Grade!  With a whopping $215 raised, 1st grade will receive everything from their wish list.  Congratulations to Ms. Puerling, Ms. Crawford, and all of the 1st grade students.

Once again I want to thank everyone for their generosity with the All for Books campaign.  

Mr. Oliver

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